Issues and Techniques in Distance Language Teaching

Frank Smith
University of California, Berkeley

Professor Smith has been teaching Intermediate Khmer to UCLA students via teleconferencing for six years.
All UCLA language instructors are strongly encouraged to attend! Please RSVP by responding to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

May 21, 2014
11377 Bunche Hall

In this 90-minute workshop, Frank Smith will discuss both pedagogical and logistical issues relevant to distance language teaching. Both the classroom-to-classroom distance context and incorporating individual offsite students into an existing classroom will be considered. Photo and video examples of distance classes in action will be shown, as will videos of student work. The technique of student group work across sites will be focused on in some detail. Participants will have a chance to brainstorm with each other on how they foresee incorporating the techniques discussed in the workshop into their own classrooms. Finally, a list of resources, including specific software, to increase productivity and ease of teaching in the distance environment will be handed out and discussed.

The workshop is sponsored by the Center for World Languages and the College of Letters and Science.

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