Welcome to the UCLA Language Alliance!

The Language Alliance initiatives build on UCLA's excellence in the areas of language instruction, assessment, and our commitment to promoting and strengthening the language program.

The Language Alliance acts as a UCLA hub for language initiatives across departments. It provides a place where language instructors from different departments come together to develop new programs and share best practices. The Alliance also gives language instructors access to professional development resources, including training in Oral Proficiency Interviews through the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and other forms of language assessment.

The Language Alliance supports proficiency-oriented language instruction and language assessment, which provide students with internationally recognized proficiency scores reflecting measurable achievement in world language study.

The Alliance will prepare UCLA students to meet the national and global needs after graduating college. Combining world language skills with other areas of expertise, such as engineering or social science enhances the qualifications of individuals, and provides prospective employers with candidates who can demonstrate a high-level of competency in global languages.

The UCLA language program is a pillar of excellence for the university, one that not only affects the UCLA community, but also affects the world. In collaboration with the Center for Digital Humanities (CDH), the Alliance supports UCLA's language programs in the following areas:

  • Online placement and exemption tests
  • New certificate programs for language proficiency
  • A Master's degree program for language pedagogy
  • Promotion of language studies as a cornerstone of a great research university
  • A "distance learning" program, where students from across the world can take language courses


Facts & Figures

  • UCLA ranks #3 on the 10 most innovative colleges for foreign language study.1
  • In 2011-2012, 10,478 students have taken a foreign language course at UCLA.2
  • In 2011-2012, 1,365 students have majored in a foreign language.3